Why Buy Independent Optical

​A note from Fetch president/founder Ann Sacks.

There is a revolution happening in the optical world. You may have noticed more independent eyewear brands popping up online and in optical shops. You may have also noticed that many of these brands offer high quality eyewear that is often more affordable than eyewear available at big name optical chains.

Fetch is proud to be counted among this trend of scrappy independent brands. Recently there has been a good amount of reporting regarding huge eyewear conglomerates that own hundreds of eyewear brands, the stores where they are distributed, and even major eye health insurers. Many things in America (and around the world) have moved toward a "bigger is better" model. The implication is that scale equals value and everyone gets a better deal when there is buying power behind their product. But the reverse is true in the world of glasses; the elephant in the room is actually a profit driver rather than a value driver and the entire industry has, until lately, been under the thumb of that system.

Huge licensing deals, suggesting superior sophistication and quality based on their connection to a luxury fashion brand, have failed to deliver on both propositions. Instead, a growing list of independent brands have been the ones delivering value, fashion and philanthropy to the world of eyewear. With freedom to design frames and source materials based on the best suppliers, and by selling directly to our customers and through independently owned optical shops, Fetch Eyewear has been able to offer affordable eyewear(designed by real people) AND donate to animal rescue. This is a very exciting time for people who wear glasses and are willing to break away from the big box mentality. The stars are aligning for eyewear customers of all ages and the accessory that we wear every day is now more fun and accessible than ever.

Best Regards,

Ann Sacks