Fashion and philanthropy.
All profits go to animal rescue.

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The State of the State of Oregon

FETCH Eyewear was founded in Portland, Oregon, eleven years ago.

All of our profits are donated to animal rescue, including The Pixie Project, our family adoption program, and low-income veterinary clinics and shelters and emergency animal rescue organizations worldwide.

This week that emergency occurred very close to home. Our farm, located in Oregon City just thirty minutes from downtown Portland, was on high alert for one week. Neighbors nearby were evacuated, and we have a family in our home and eight new alpaca guests in the pasture. We have put out the word that there is still plenty of open pasture
because we know that not all of the emergency spots for animals can be sustained in the coming weeks.

The dislocation of Oregon families due to these horrific fires will put yet more strain on a community that has struggled with housing prices and the attendant shelter insecurity that has accompanied them.

Looking back as recently as last year at our beautiful, creative, humane city has motivated our family to raise the bar of our support until our community gets back to the special place that it truly is.

For Pixie, that means personal adoptions with Pixie visiting potential adopters and those who must relinquish a beloved pet to be rehomed humanely by us, plus maintaining our sixty life-saving surgeries per week to keep pets and their families together. FETCH is distributing reading glasses that last for both the homeless population and people in temporary housing due to the recent fires.

No one can say that things are not substantially more challenging than they were seven months ago, seven weeks ago (protests), and now seven days ago!
With air quality worse than Beijing (465 today with 310 being a hazard), the fires' impact on our beloved restaurants and retailers, and the practical needs created by evacuations, it is a "roll up the sleeves" moment if there ever was one.

Yesterday I was alerted by a friend that a neighbor was accepting the transfer of an adult lion and tiger from a refuge, seventy lynx, plus
other wild animals fleeing from the fires.
One feels honored to be able to send supplies from Pixie, homemade lunch for the incredible volunteers, and of course, cash to keep it going until the new normal.

Portland and our Oregon towns are going to come back better than ever. We will not take for granted our stellar reputation, our wonderful young creatives, or the people around the world who have shown their affection by visiting us.

We are up to the task!
Ann Sacks