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Our Founder on Post-Pandemic Fashion

Your home may still be your office and comfortable sweat pants your go-to, but we are beginning to see each other more and enter the holidays in a semi post-vaccination world.

Even as we continue to engage our colleagues by video, our sense of shaking off survival mode and moving into thriving mode is ever-present and reflected in a greater desire to be fit and fashionable.

You can jump-start reclaiming your best look (and your confidence) with a new frame that takes you from zoom to Happy Hour and elevates your style all day every day, one accessory that you can wear that expresses your commitment to renewal all day every day.

Your eyes are your single greatest communicator to the world. They deserve significant attention from the perspective of health and identity; they are also the most fun and economical way to shake off the past eighteen months and express your post-pandemic optimism.

The options are daunting, but please don’t let that drive you to a fallback position of tried and tested! We love helping our FETCH followers find the perfect look, and we are happiest when they let us help.
So please use our “chat” to tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in a new frame but most importantly, please send us a photo and let us suggest things that we feel can elevate this experience for you.

Some suggestions to start:

Do you love or like your current frames?
Let us know the pluses and minuses of your go-to glasses.

Do you notice great glasses on others but say to yourself, “I love those frames but not for me”? Can you tell us a bit about them?

Do you want a bit ( or more!!) of change?
From dark to light, for example?
Airy new transparent frames that that let more of “ you” emerge?

Do you tend to choose fashion that confirms your past or shows new steps into the future”?

Who are your favorite icons of fashion and life in general? Do they communicate gentleness, wit, bookish intelligence or
just pure intent to indulge in pushing the envelope of style and identity.

We are genuinely interested in the things that interest and inspire you!!!

So send your photo and comment on the above….

Then Try Five for Free and when you decide on your FETCH frames, know that your new glasses are not only making you look great, but you will feel even better knowing that a beautiful pet has a new opportunity thanks to you!