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My First Glasses

People often ask me why I went into the eyewear business after launching two international tile companies!

Tile vs. glasses seem like a random pairing, but the connection is PEOPLE, and how connecting them to the correct product for them can enhance their lives.

When I purchased my first pair of expensive reading glasses at an upscale optometry office, a good friend from Paris saw me and remarked, “ Why would you try to look bad”?

I was devastated after a significant investment (more about THAT aspect in a different story!), and I realized that the professionals who sold those to me had to know that they defied all but one rule of helping someone choose glasses that are right for them.

First, they were huge, and I am five feet tall and eighty-six pounds!

They would have been a better fit for someone twice my size!

Second, the color was a muted ochre that washed out my olive skin and made me look sallow and unhappy.

Most disconcerting was that the seller was either not very good at design or simply did not care.

FETCH was founded to save animals, and as you may know, we give ALL profits to rescue.

But it was also founded on two additional principals:

First, as someone who cared deeply about designing and recommending the right tile, I could translate that into designing glasses with a perfect match in mind.

And secondly that I genuinely care that customers are guided toward that “match,” which ultimately means that they enjoy both the product and the experience.

I would love to have you send me a photo and a description of “how you want to feel” in your new glasses!

Allow me to send my thoughts because I genuinely love customers, design, and the proper pairing of the two.