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How Can Consumers Feel Good About Supporting Businesses That Give Back?

Consumers who want to use their purchasing to further good causes deserve to be able to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price.

They also deserve to understand exactly how much of their purchase actually benefits a cause that is important to them, especially if that proposition encourages them to choose one product over another.

In recent years there has been a great deal of marketing around promises such as "You Buy One, and We Give One."

Perhaps this promise is being executed just as it appears; a product of EQUAL VALUE and EQUAL QUALITY is being donated and directed to an identified user.

When marketing that states that 5% of sales are donated, you can imagine that when you buy that product, you can feel great about the fact that a percentage is given to children in need.

Typically there is not too much detail supporting the above giving.

Is that shirt being given likely to be the same quality as the shirt that you are buying?

Is your $100 purchase directly providing $5 to a cause, or are other factors being considered before the giving, perhaps reducing your donation?

The star of this story is Paul Newman, who famously said to his best friend and business partner, "Let's give it all away," subsequently lending his famous face not to an expensive watch brand but to his salad dressing recipe!

What followed was the hard work required to leverage his brand to many terrific consumer products with ALL PROFITS DONATED to his charities. Including his camps for children with chronic illnesses that received not only his financial support but also the joy of his presence and pranks!

The generation that had the good fortune to benefit from being born "at the right time and the right place" is taking a serious look at how to leverage those benefits plus experience to try to improve the lives of others.

Watch for those initiatives and support them in the knowledge that you CAN have just the product that you want at a fair price while truly giving back!