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Fashion Report: Eyewear in Italy Fall 2021 | By Ann Sacks

I have just returned from a visit to Italy which took me from Bologna (Emilia Romagna) to Verona (the Veneto) to Umbria and Tuscany, completing the journey in the elegant city of Florence.

I was in Europe to create new tile and stone products for my "other career," but to my delight, tile, stone, AND eyewear are designed and crafted in beautiful Italy. I knew I had a trip that was inspiring, exciting, and educational.

Eyewear in Italy is an integral part of that region's focus on fashion. The gorgeous materials that are the soul of the luxury eyewear industry are from the Mazzucchelli family. For generations, Mazzucchelli acetates have been the standard for quality and craftsmanship.

Gorgeous styles created by talented artisans make eyewear the fabulous fashion accessory that it is, with offerings that look to the past and the future for inspiration.

But what is the fashion forecast for this Fall?

Because eyewear is worn by all ages and by men and women from fashion-forward to traditional, you see an incredible range of styles. And although the products are sold internationally, what I saw in Italy this Fall had a focus a bit different than what I see in America.

First (and I am proud to say FETCH loved this look years ago!), the classic metal aviator was more prevalent as optical than as a traditional look for sunglasses.

Metals ranging from pale to dark, shapes from round to teardrop, and almost always oversized, were flattering the faces of fashionable young people throughout the region.

More mature but still very fashion-focused men and women were seen in nostalgic transparent acetates such as our Dylan and even the stunning rectangular Cameron. While the youthful look was lots of glass and not much frame, I was stopped many times by the beauty of Mazzucchelli acetates defining faces of fashionable men and women.

Italy is the heart of the eyewear industry, and Italians from the breadbasket of the country ( Bologna!) to the refined districts in Florence were letting visitors know that eyewear is an integral part of fashion and can be flattering and lots of fun.