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Eyewear for Sheltering in Place

You can put away your contacts for now and follow the health guidelines to limit contact with your face. What is especially helpful is being able to avoid the irritation caused by spending more time inside with heat sources, dust, and the added stress of dry eyes while wearing contacts.

Catch up on looking through your favorite glasses to see if the lenses are clean and, more importantly, free of scratches and blemishes.

The odds are that at least a few pairs could use a lens replacement to maximize vision and reduce distortion caused by normal wear and tear.

What are your options?

If your last eye exam was within two years, you could replace the lenses with your current prescription. While you are taking the time to get your eyewear up to date, you can take advantage of advances in technology such as increasingly better anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings.

If you do not use prescription glasses but find yourself spending more time in front of a screen while working from home, consider ever-improving blue-blocker lenses to reduce glare and keep your eyes feeling fresh.

Those reading glasses that don’t quite make things as clear as they once did? Take them up a notch or two!

With social time being replaced by more personal time, there will be more hours per day during which you can relax with a great book and watch great content on your screen.

All of these activities will be far more enjoyable if you take this time to upgrade your glasses to protect your eyes, decrease fatigue, and improve clarity.