Designing Tile and Glasses to be Timeless

As a tile designer, I had a healthy respect for the fact that tile is a big commitment! Tile is pricier than alternative materials, sometimes challenging and expensive to install, but it is also a "fall in love" product that is gorgeous and can deliver a lifetime of enjoyment if selected thoughtfully.


I have always felt that my job was to design and sell tiles that stood up to the challenges of intensive use and changing tastes. While I was pressed to innovate and create new designs, I never looked around at what was "trendy" for inspiration because I wanted the tiles I created to be "permanent."


Shoppers crafting their dream home are overwhelmed by product choices and the daunting task of imagining everything coming together. For that reason, I believe that people who create home products, most of which are intended to be part of the buyers' home for a long time, have an obligation to think timeless rather than trendy so that the value of this important purchase is assured.



Glasses are not tile, so perhaps trendy is OK with your eyewear? The fact is that excellent quality frames and good lenses are not inexpensive, and they represent a significant purchase for most of us.



Sometimes I am surprised that people pay closer attention to a shoe purchase than they do the glasses they will wear on their face for a year or more! We want your friends to notice that you have new eyewear, even remarking, "Are those glasses new; they look great on you?".




1) You should wear your glasses, not the reverse.

2) You CAN fall in love with glasses that may seem a bit risky compared to past purchases as long as they are a great color, scale, and shape for you. When glasses are designed with actual people in mind, there is a good chance that they will select a timeless style, fun, and a fashion boost!




1) Send us a photo if you want our thoughts.

2) Use our "virtual try-on," which is fantastic for eliminating colors, shapes, and sizes that do not work for you. (Think selfie but much better!).

3) Share with us images or descriptions of gasses that you have loved in the past; we can quickly compare your past favorites to our FETCH frames.

4) Take joy in the fact that ALL PROFITS from your purchase are donated to animal rescue and that you are directly supporting life-saving work.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Warm regards,

Ann Sacks