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Counting Ourselves Among The Lucky Ones

I must have done something right because most of the people that I check in on these days lament the fate of others and express gratitude for what they have.

It doesn’t hurt that our family runs an animal adoption center and low-income clinic for pets; we meet incredible volunteers, fosters, and families who choose to adopt every day. And we are privileged to have as ambassadors for our beloved kitties and doggies the kindest and most hardworking people ever.

Our friends from college were at the forefront of seventies consciousness, and all had careers during which they advanced the lives of others.

Who would have thought that the generations, so recently divided by justifiable divisions such as inequality of opportunity, loan burdens, etc., now find themselves supporting one another in the most practical and loving ways?

The young purchase and deliver food to their senior neighbors and family members, and the seniors learn to appreciate the soft side of the generation, which at times seemed unable to forgive.

Many of our friends who supported our family mission out of friendship and possibly obligation have wrapped themselves around the joy of being surrounded each day by friends, neighbors, and family members offering earnestly to help.

Our next Pixie Project auction is in November; it has always been a joyous, almost raucous, fun event.

Whether we get together in a room or communicate some other way this Fall, I know that the pets and their people that we help will be in sharper focus than ever.

And our guests in more significant numbers will have experienced in new ways the giving of and accepting of help.

We always say in the shelter world that adopted pets are the most appreciative.

Everyone who can be part of the Pixie auction this November can probably relate to that in a meaningful way.