Color Matters!

Color Matters!

When people look for glasses, they usually start the journey with a pretty good idea about the size and shape of glasses that work best for them.

Typical comments include, "I have a round face, so I shouldn't wear round glasses" or "I have a large face, so all of these are going to be too small for me".

However, our experience in designing frames - and having the wonderful opportunity to fit them to people personally - would suggest that those preconceptions often turn out to be more limiting than necessary. Sometimes a hidden gem is missed!

Hidden gems include glasses that are quite small but surround the eyes symmetrically and fit nicely on the face in an unexpected way; we can call this the "thoughtful" or "intellectual" look. Some of our favorites in this genre are our Einstein, Hugo, and Larry frames. 

Fetch Ether Frame

Perhaps the greatest takeaway that we have found from helping people find the perfect fit and the perfect pair is this: high or low contrast can make all the difference.

Small or large, round or rectangular, it is often the COLOR of the glasses that allows you to test styles that you may have overlooked.

That is why FETCH Eyewear thoughtfully provides multiple colors of each frame so that if you fall in love with a frame, you have a good chance of finding it in the best color for you.
That is also why we created Collection by FETCH, so you can love a frame and not have to choose just one color. After all, we all have gray days and spring "green" days. With Collection you can take the same lenses from the courthouse to the club by changing your frames and your look in seconds.